April 22, 2015

5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Bunk Beds

If you are considering bunk beds for your children, you may be shocked at the number of options you have available. From bunk beds with stairs to loft bunk beds,“bed houses”, and of course, traditional bunk beds, the large selection can be overwhelming.

Which set should you opt for? Here are 5 tips for choosing the right bunk beds for your child.

1. Be Certain It Is Age Appropriate.

If your children are younger, such as toddler age, you want to steer your search toward bunk beds that offer the best safety features. (It is recommended that children under the age of 6 sleep on the bottom bunk.) For example, bunk beds with stairs are easier and safer to climb than those with a ladder. You may also want to look for a set that allows you to easily add a safety rail.

Age appropriate styles are also important. Yes, your 9 year old daughter may be dreaming of a princess themed bunk bed, but she will likely grow out of this quickly. Unless you want to have to replace the entire set in a couple of years, you are better off directing her attention to a more traditional look that can grow with her.

2. Pay Attention To Height.

If your child has a bedroom with low ceilings or a ceiling fan, you definitely need to keep height at the forefront of your mind. Be certain your child can sit up completely in the bed without hitting his or her head. Also check the amount of space in between the bunks. If you do not want your children to outgrow their new bed in a few years, be sure there is plenty of space for them to grow taller without constantly hitting their head.

3. Determine If There Is A Certain Style Of Bed That Best Suits Your Needs.

If your child has a small room, it is a good idea to look at storage beds that provide everything from drawers in the staircase to shelves on the side that can accommodate plenty of your children’s things. A loft bed may also be the perfect answer, particularly if you have a single child who is dying for bunk beds. They usually have a desk, shelves, and more underneath that allow you to take full advantage of the space your room has. If your child frequently has guests, you may want to look into a trundle bed that can be easily pulled out and quickly put away.

4. Determine If They Can Be Separated Into Two Beds.

For increased flexibility, you may prefer a bed that can later be separated into two. For example, your kids may love sharing a room now, but this may change down the road. You may decide to move one into a different room if possible. If the bunk beds can be separated, you will not have to buy a new bed. However, keep in mind that not all bunk beds look the same when separated, which may or may not be a concern you have.

5. Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Stairs Versus A Ladder.

While a ladder will take up less space, it is also not as safe as a set of stairs. However, many bunk beds with stairs include pullout drawers which provide additional storage. If you opt for a ladder, there are a couple of additional factors to consider. Is it on the end or the side? Will this impact where you can position the bed in your room? Are the rungs positioned to where your child can easily climb them or are they too far apart?

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