February 17, 2015

A Short Story of Soft Sleep

People have been using mattresses to improve their quality of sleep since the beginning of history and they have only continued to improve and diversify over the passing centuries.

It can certainly be argued that the mattress is by far the most important part of the bed. It provides a soft, supportive surface for sleeping on, and can even work as a bed just by itself.

The History & Evolution of the Mattress

 The first mattresses were very simple, typically just reed matts on a dirt floor or straw bedding, but as time wore on people began to invent more intricate, lavish, and comfortable beds. Luxury beds did not become popular until the time of the ancient Romans, when the wealthier classes could afford to spend their coins on specially designed beds. These had sewn mattresses stuffed with expensive materials such as goose feathers, reeds, hay, or sheep's wool. They even invented the first water beds, which were filled with warm water to comfortably ease the owner to sleep.

 During the Middle Ages up until the late Renaissance period mattress and bed designs changed very little for the poor, but the upper classes continued to purchase and develop grander, more lavish mattresses. Simpler beds tended to have mattresses stuffed with straw over a rope frame, but those of the wealthy were often filled with luxuriously soft down. Later in the renaissance more expensive materials were used, such as the shucks from peas or various feathers bound in soft velvet or silk cloth. The King of France, Louis XIV had a special enthusiasm for luxury beds, and he is rumoured to have owned over four hundred of them just for his own personal use.

 In 1865 mattress designs changed rapidly, with the invention of the coil spring mattress offering comfort and support at an affordable cost to most people. This design quickly overtook the traditional and uneven straw and feather mattresses of the years before. In 1900 another leap was made when the Pocket Coil, or Marshall Coil mattress was invented by a man named James Marshall. This led to even more comfortable and supportive mattresses by wrapping the hard coils in cotton, as well as the 1930 invention of the Inner Spring mattress, which remains very popular to this day. By the early fifties light weight foam mattresses had been created. These proved ideal for use as travel beds, as well as mattresses for smaller beds such as bunk beds, loft beds, storage beds, and kids beds.

The Modern Mattress

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