January 20, 2015

Throwing a Slumber Party That Can Make You the Best Parents

 First of all, determine an even number of guests. How many can you host? Do you have bunk beds?

This happens to most parents. Especially to parents of little girls. The question inevitably pops out of your offspring’s mouth: “Can my friend(s) stay to sleepover?”

When your kid reaches its pre-teen years is most of the time when the question of inviting friends for a sleepover comes up. You will find below a few tips to make sure this is fun for kids and parents as well.

Enough Kids Furniture for Everybody?

To make sure everything goes smoothly, plan properly! First of all, determine an even number of guests. How many can you host? Do you have bunk beds, or a guest room with storage beds? Your young guests will be more comfortable in twin beds for kids. If you don’t have these available, setting up bed tents can be a very cool theme for a slumber party.

It is better to stick to an even number of guests; that way, it is easier to have kids team up in pairs for games and also make sure nobody is left aside. Four is a good number; six is for more experienced slumber party hosts.

Have Fun!

There are plenty of fun games ideas online if you browse a little. Your party will be a success if you plan a few activities for the kids not to get bored, but don’t fall in the trap of over planning! Trying to rush things or having too much stuff on your agenda might turn to a nightmare. It is also wise to plan a “light’s out” time, and let the kids know that when that time has come, it is time to stop talking and lie quietly. Choose a quieter activity for kids to wind down an hour or two before. It will be easier to put them to bed.

Who’s Hungry?

At one point, kids will be hungry. It is a good idea to plan snacks they will like during the evening, or a sundae bar where they can make their own sundaes (don’t forget to inquire if any of your invitees have allergies beforehand).

For breakfast the following morning, here are a few ideas:

  • A waffle bar, with different toppings and fresh fruits to choose from;
  • A continental buffet, like at the hotel, if you host a more glamour-themed party;
  • Pancakes or French toast are always a hit;
  • Or you can try Breakfast Cups!

At Bolton Furniture, we are proud to build top quality youth bedroom furniture to accommodate all your children needs when they invite friends to sleep over. With beds, nightstands and complete bedroom sets designed to last, you are sure to find the one you’re looking for! Browse our collections online or come visit one of our showrooms.


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