November 3, 2014

Tips For Choosing The Right Bunk Bed

For many kids, having bunk beds in their room is exciting and cool. However, for parents, bunk beds mean greater worries about safety and functionality.

Choosing the bunk bed style that meets the needs of your kids and does so safely is important. Check out these tips for finding the bedroom furnishings you and your kids can be happy with.

Considering The Space You Have To Work With

Small rooms can be the perfect rooms for bunk beds or for loft beds. However, when considering a loft bed, you should keep in mind most loft styles are only one bed, the space underneath being drawers for storage. Loft beds make the perfect choice for a room for one child. If you are cramped for space and have two kids in one room, the choice of bunk beds is best.

When Storage Space Is A Necessity

Fitting two storage beds in a smaller room is possible and can be done with a level of neat design as well. Designing a room using storage beds can mean parents are able to keep two kids in one room while also providing plenty of sleeping room and storage for clothing and toys without the bulk of a dresser. Many styles are available for loft beds that can help make a smaller home more comfortable for the whole family.

Safety Does Not Have To Be Compromised

The top bunk in many bunk bed styles is guarded with stylish safety rails. The bunk bed with stairs can make it safer to get into the top bunk as opposed to traditional styles using ladders. Bunk beds are available with safety rails and reinforced top mattress support for increased safety. If you worry about your child sleeping in the top bunk, finding out more about the steps you can take for increasing safety is helpful.

Unique Kids Furniture Can Be Fun

Decorating your child’s room can be a lot of fun, especially when you include cool, unusual kids furniture. Some furnishings include bean bags, play tables and toy boxes made with attached bookshelves. Making your child’s room a fun and interactive place is a good idea, especially when you have a child that is worried about being alone at night. Adding bright colors and kid friendly wall hangings can enhance the furnishings you select. When choosing furniture for your child, always remember how you can use it after your child has outgrown it. Doing so can help to save you a great deal of money later on.

Bunk beds have always been a popular choice for youth bedroom furniture and many kids have grown up sleeping in the top bunk. Giving your child a loft style bed or bunk bed can be an exciting ay to increase their enjoyment of bed time, a bonus for every parent. You might also consider how you could decorate a room using the bunk beds as a centerpiece or as a part of a special theme. Visit Bolton Furniture today for checking out the many available styles of kids furniture and start having fun redecorating your child's room.

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