August 18, 2014

Three Great Back-To-School Bedroom Ideas

Every school kid, from kindergarten to grade school, from middle school to high school and on to college, likes to arrange their bedroom to fit their needs. School is the work of your offspring. Much like you arrange your desk, cubicle or office to fit your work life, so your kids have the urge to rearrange furnishings in their bedrooms.

This becomes especially strong in a young girl when she hits hers teen years. Finding her identity is a chaotic, angst ridden experience. Rearranging her bedroom and bringing order to one area of her life makes it just a little more bearable.

Here are three ways a teen girl can organize her room to reflect her current interests, school work and social life.

Use space efficiently

Bunk beds aren’t just for boys. They make it possible to have friends stay over in her room, even if space is at a premium. The top bunk is also a great place to show off a still important collection of dolls or stuffed animals.

If she wants a regular bed, make it a storage bed, like the one on display at Bolton Furniture. They combine style with utility. The big storage drawers at the bottom make it possible to get seasonal clothes out of the way and store teen-type valuables.

Put in shelving everywhere they will fit. It provides a spot to show off books, photos and knickknacks and makes it easy to find things. Put containers in corners and under beds and tables. This gets clutter off the floor and out of sight.

Find a focal point

Put the bed against the wall. This does two things: it widens the room and makes it easy to lounge against the wall, especially with the addition of bolsters and big pillows. It can become a focal point by choosing one bright main color and selecting assorted pillows in various shades that both match and contrast.

Let her get rid of her youth bedroom furniture and scale up to reflect her new teenage sophistication. For example, the desk she had as part of her kid’s furniture is out of place with her new friends and school requirements.

Let her choose a new work desk that can be both a place to do homework and a center of focus for the room. It doesn’t have to look like an office desk and chair. Instead buy a basic table and find a comfortable, funky chair to sit on. This lets her make a statement and show her personality.

Let her choose the color scheme and the help with the painting. Since the shades are her own choice, she will more than likely be thrilled to do the painting, with a little supervision.

Even if you don’t like orange and purple for the walls, remember it’s her room. She has to live with it, not you!

Make organization easy

She can add a big bulletin board to post photos, a calendar, sayings, anything she wants right in front. This helps her organize her schedule. When she can see it every time she enters and leaves the room, it is simply easier to check deadlines, appointments and homework assignments.

Add bookshelves and narrow tables that can hold her music devices and other electronics. Put it close to an outlet so she can recharge them easily. Add a CD and DVD storage unit. This keeps them safely off the floor and easy to find.

Your teenage daughter will be thrilled with the updated look of her bedroom. It will feel like her sanctuary from the stress and tears of school life and social adventures.

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