August 5, 2014

How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom Decor

Everybody loves the beach, especially kids. Everything about the sun, surf, and sand puts smiles on their little faces and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. That’s why nothing could serve to give them that feeling all the time like a beach-themed bedroom of their very own!

Here are a few design hints for achieving that objective no matter what your budget, including nautical designs to go with their youth bedroom furniture.

First on the list is wall color

If the walls in your child’s bedroom aren't already a suitably beachy color, consider painting them. Pale blue with bright white woodwork and other white wood trim is a good choice for that beach look. Light turquoise like the Caribbean Sea or soft sand to mimic the warm sand under your feet are also good choices. Pick up some samples at your local hardware store to help you choose just the right beachy color. Try not to go too dark with any color, as it will make the room seem smaller and darker.

Then Furniture

Kids beach-inspired furniture and nautical accessories are an excellent way to make the room feel like your child is at the beach and with very little effort. Kids love bunks beds with stairs and loft beds that make them feel like they’re in a tree house or a crow’s nest on a ship. And moms love storage beds because they do double duty and provide that always needed extra storage. For the best selection of all beds of every size, including bunk beds, Bolton Furniture has them all. Choose their painted white or light-colored wood beds for a beachfront look, as well as kid-friendly durability.

Once you’ve chosen a beachy kid-friendly bed, consider painting the other furniture in the room, such as dressers, wooden toy chests, tables and chairs bright white. And, throwing in some white wicker furniture and accessories adds even more beachy overtones to the room. A blue and white striped rug is the perfect anchor for your beach-inspired kids’ room and also makes a comfy place for them to play on the floor.

Windows in the room also need to have that beach-inspired design element. Consider something flowing, sheer and white for maximum effect. Again, blue and white stripes on window treatments can also lend a nautical beachy feel to the room. Or, white plantation shutters make any room feel beach-inspired.


And, one of the least expensive ways to give your child's room a beachfront feeling is to add bedding, pillows and some nautical accessories. Blue and white are your best bets color-wise, but you could also combine a little sand and turquoise for another beachy look. Go with lots of throw pillows with seashells, fish, crabs, compasses, ships, and coral on them.

Last but not least, a sprinkling of seashells, starfish and nautical memorabilia around the room on dressers, nightstands and walls will complete your beach-themed decor. You can find wooden sailboats, ship's wheels, compasses, portholes, fishermen's nets and floats, and much more online and in stores that will delight your son or daughter and make his or her own bedroom feel just like being at the beach.

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