May 21, 2014

Kids Furniture and the Television Conundrum: Is it Really OK to Put a TV in a Kids Bedroom?

Technology is all around us, and that’s why it’s particularly important when designing your child’s bedroom to decide if you really want that much of it in there with them. After all, handheld gaming devices, tablets, and televisions are huge temptations for kids.

So, when you’re looking to buy some new kids furniture, should a TV be included on your to-do list? Is it OK to put a TV in a kid’s bedroom?

Studies Show Including TVs with Kids Furniture Has a Larger Effect Than Most People Realize

Allowing a TV to become a permanent part of your kids furniture seems harmless, but studies show that it’s just not the case. While television watched in moderation is not a bad thing, where the problem lies is in its accessibility. One study in Buffalo, which focused on 80 children ages 4 through 7, showed that a television in the bedroom increased viewing time by over 42 percent, taking the average television watching time from just 21 hours, to 30 hours – a nine hour difference. And, with that increased time, there appear to be other consequences as well.

For both younger children and teens, study upon study has linked excessive television to obesity, poor sleep habits, and lower test scores at school. With childhood obesity already a problem, noteworthy study to back the connection between it and television up is one published by lead author Diane Gilbert-Diamond (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College) and her colleagues at JAMA Pediatrics. In this study, kids were asked to take a telephone survey. The polled approximately 6,500 kids ranging in age between 10 and 14 years of age, and then followed up with the same kids for additional polls at two and four years later. The result? When it came to weight gain, children who had televisions in their rooms gained an average of one pound of extra weight per year compared to those whose rooms did not have TVs.

Even worse than weight gain, having a TV in a teen’s room is linked to the doubling of the chances that a teen is likely to start smoking. This was the conclusion of the data compiled in one study, which looked at 700 teens ages 12-14 (and this isn’t the only one).

Right Kids Furniture, Right Environment –Best for Promoting Sleep and Good Health

Since we all love our children, selecting the right youth bedroom furniture can create an environment where children simply don’t miss having a television. Bolton furniture, for instance, offers quality furniture that enhances a child’s total being. There are low-loft and other loft beds that inspire organization and creativity (ever seen a castle-loft bed?), as well as storage beds that keep your kids' room neat and tidy, keeping their minds clear and free.

Whether or not you ultimately decide to put a TV in your kids bedroom is up to you, but at least there’s no question that you’re making the right choices when it comes to the rest of your kids furniture. The quality and uniqueness of Bolton Furniture will last well beyond your children’s use for it. Technology is great, but helping your child create boundaries and balance is important too.

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