May 5, 2014

It’s True, You Can Have Fun While Cleaning

We all know what a chore tidying up and cleaning the house can be, especially if you have children! However, there are many ways to make room cleaning fun and actually turn it into an enjoyable activity.

By using the following techniques you can relieve the stress associated with cleaning and turn into a fun activity for the whole family.

Use Easy Storage

When you have a fun and easy storage space built into your kid’s bedroom furniture, cleaning can be much simpler. Furniture with extra storage space such as bunk beds or loft beds provide more floor space in which your kids can play and can act as encouragement for them to clean up after themselves. Even if the room becomes messy, an extra storage space allows for quick and convenient cleaning. There are some fantastic options available for youth bedroom furniture at Bolton Furniture.

Involve Your Kids

Children have incredible imaginations and if you ask them for ideas on how to make the cleaning more efficient or fun they may come up with some innovative ideas. Try getting your kids to become engaged with the cleaning through making it into a game or telling a story. By receiving help from your kids the cleaning will get done much quicker and you may build a closer relationship with them through spending time with them away from distractions such as the television.

Get Fit While Cleaning

Doing the cleaning is quite similar to doing a workout in the gym and when you clean you are burning calories. All that walking back and forth, going up and down the stairs, lifting, and carrying can contribute to your daily exercise. Try using a pedometer to see how many steps you take when doing the cleaning and set yourself targets to reach.

Speed Cleaning

You can combine speed cleaning with the exercising mentioned above to really work up a sweat or you can use it as a game with your kids. Assigning a target time for each cleaning task and using a stopwatch to time yourself can provide a huge level of motivation and by cleaning quicker you will be burning more calories. Alternatively, you can time members of your family to see who can clean the quickest and turn it into a game.

Reward Yourself

If you can’t think of any other motivation for doing the cleaning, create rewards for yourself or your kids, especially arduous chores. This works particularly well for persuading kids to help out with the cleaning. An offer such as a special dessert or bar of chocolate will usually seal the deal in acquiring the kids’ help.

These are just a small handful of ideas that can be used as motivation or to just generally make room cleaning fun. The key is to find the ideas that work for you and your family and implement them into your daily cleaning routine. Remember, cleaning can be fun!

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