April 1, 2014

Learning More About Zen Design And Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom is the one place in your home that needs to provide privacy, solitude and relaxation. Decorating your bedroom in a Zen design can promote greater relaxation and more restful sleep.

Putting together a Zen design can be exciting and soothing at the same. From selecting the most suitable bedroom furniture to choosing the best Zen colors, your Zen atmosphere will be the place you look forward to everyday.

The Color Of The Earth

Zen design incorporates soothing, earth colors with nature in the foundation of every room it is in. Browns, beige, deep tans and yellows can help to create the even flow of energy through your room. Zen design does not include dark, sad colors or the colors that are brash and loud for helping to maintain the smoothest flow of subtle, calming energy. Earth tones have natural feel and promote rest.

Maintaining Simplicity

Bear in mind the bedroom with clutter and bulky furniture is the one that supports restlessness and is off balance. Most popular Zen bedroom designs today include platforms beds and little else aside from night tables and a dresser. Zen design promotes simplicity and a design that does not leave room for interruptions in the positive energy flow in a room. The less furniture and clutter in your bedroom, the less you have to interrupt the energy flow that supports the most restful sleep. Some platform style beds come in great Zen design, having small night tables attached to the headboard or platform, eliminating the need for you to make additional choices.

Keeping It On The Low

Open space is important for you to feel relaxed and not cramped or smothered. This is especially important for your bedroom atmosphere. Choosing minimal accessories is important to a Zen bedroom design. Avoid placing knick knacks and other unnecessary items on your night stands and dresser for helping to promote a stress, problem free environment. You might also consider eliminating electronics when possible as well. The best Zen bedroom atmosphere might include only a wind up clock and low light lamp for evenings and night.

Leaving Your Worries Outside

Being able to enjoy a Zen bedroom the most means you leaving your daily worries and stress outside of it. Making a mental effort to benefit from a Zen bedroom design can have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Remember to add only minimal floor coverings as well for reducing interruption in energy flow and for keeping the design simple. In many Zen bedrooms, the placement of an area rug under the bed is popular for decorative reasons while also remaining in tune with Zen.

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