March 17, 2014

6 pieces of advice about buying a mattress that stink

When it is time to buy a new mattress, there are so many choices available that it is quite easy to get lost in a sea of bad advice.

We’ve listed 6 things people recommend that we implore you NOT to do!

Go for a retailer that offers a 30 days-trial and a full money back guarantee

Usually, full money back guarantees are synonym of a good product and excellent customer service. Unfortunately, this does not fully apply to mattresses. It is reasonable to assume that chances are returns are put back in inventory and sold as new. Most bedding manufacturers won’t allow merchants to return them because just because a client didn’t like how it feels. A mattress is very “personal” since most of your body is in contact with it for the third of your lifetime. The no-refund policy that applies to underwear should apply on mattresses too.

Mismatching box spring and mattress is okay

Congratulations! You have found the deal of the decade for your new mattress and box spring. They are not meant to go along together or not from the same manufacturer, but who cares! It will be hidden under sheets and bedding anyway; nobody will see the difference.

Big mistake. A box spring tailored for your mattress will extend its life, as it is meant to take in as much as 50 per cent of the impacts.

Skip the box spring, get a box foundation instead

With a wooden box foundation, on a loft bed for example, if you decide there is no need for a box-spring the upholstery and the padding will wear down twice as quick.    

Hard as a rock is best

According to chiropractors, your spine’s natural curves should like the same alignment no matter if you’re standing or if lying down. In order to share the pressure consistently across the body to improve circulation, lessen body movement and decrease the movement transfer from one sleeping partner to the other, a mattress needs to be chosen to fit your body and sleeping position. 

Stuff the high-pressure commission sales guy says

No need to be standoffish, most salespeople are hardworking, helpful and honest. But you should always be informed in advance and not rely solely on the salesperson’s opinion.  In particular you should seek out neutral sources on the four coil systems types available.

  1. Cheaper name-brand mattresses are usually made using the Bonnel Coil System: which uses a thin spiraling wire to tie a group of hourglass-shaped coils.
  2. Similar to the Bonnel coils are the Offset Coils. They are hourglass-shaped as well, only with top and bottom squared off as it offers maximum support.
  3. A single wire, up to 200 metres long or even more, twisted in coils, form the Continuous-Wire System. Even though it has a tendency to be strongest, it doesn’t mean it will offer more support than other options.
  4. Individually Wrapped Coils, independently wrapped in fabric, are also known as pocketed coils or Marshall, features that a sleeper’s movement won’t affect the other sleeper as much since they’re not connected.

Overall, long-lasting springiness will be ensured through heat or electrical tempering, no matter the coil system. For the edge to remain firm there should be a foam border or sturdy wire to provide stability. Coil wire gauge should be of at least 14, and 6 for the border wire. For the most part, mattresses will have from 300 to 800 coils. A thicker coil wire will be firmer, which leads some manufacturers to play on that to lower the number of coils.  Low-coil-count mattresses tend to sag faster, while those with a higher count are more stable.

Splurge on kid’s mattresses

OK, we all want to offer the best to our kids. But when it comes to mattresses, there is usually no point in paying exorbitant amounts to get better quality. A reasonably-priced one will do the trick until they outgrow it. On top of it, chances are your kid will damage it by bed-wetting or wreck it by treating it like an indoor trampoline.

Thanks for reading our quick “What not to do” guide concerning mattress shopping. Now that you’re ready to buy a mattress, why not browse our selection of bedroom furniture to really complete the room. Sleep tight!

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