February 17, 2014

Six steps to a very cool kids bedroom

Kids are growing fast… and their bedrooms should grow with them! Once in a while, it is always good to rearrange them to suit new activities, or to adapt to their changing needs.

Here is a six-steps-foolproof-way to a very functional and fun kids bedroom.

Time is money

Before gathering ideas or going shopping, it is recommended to plan how much money will be allowed to the project. Are you going for an extreme makeover or small changes? How much time can you devote to the project? Are you handy enough to handle all you’re planning or will you need to get some help or even hire hands? All of these questions need to be answered before moving to the next step, and will save you time and money.

Where’s the plan?

What will your child need in this “new” room? Is he/she playing in its bedroom or is there a playroom in the house? Is there a spot that needs to be specific to homework? If your toddler is a big kid now who will attend kindergarten next fall, chances are there is no need for that changing table anymore. If your eldest is entering high school anytime soon, it is possible his tastes are changing and maybe space needs to be spared for a computer. Sorting out which pieces of kids furniture are to be kept, which ones can be reused and which one need to be acquired is a good start. Rearrange your rooms on paper first! Measuring the size of the room, marking where are the doors, heating boards and power outlets and then making a sketch to scale on sketch paper is easier than shifting furniture around until you find the right setup. It also helps figuring out what is the maximal size of the pieces of furniture you need to buy.

Climb up the walls!

Wall space is often forgotten when planning on a floor plan. Hanging paintings, mirrors or wall-mounted storage units that will match the furniture or make it look bigger is always a good way to get the maximum out of any room.

Consider doors and windows

Using the wall facing the door to place a piece of furniture such as a wooden chest of drawers or a bed makes it become a focal point of interest. What do you want people to see when they enter? Windows are not to be forgotten! They provide natural light which is so valuable and makes the room alive.

Turn on the lights!

Other than natural light, that needs to be considered for sure, sources of general lighting (such as a ceiling light) and task lighting need to be chosen thoughtfully.  A desk lamp on the desk where homework is being done, or a reading lamp on a bedside table. Inexpensive small lamps are usually easy to find, and will turn on any room in a clic of a switch!

Keep it clean!

Last but not the least, making sure the bedroom furniture provides enough storage for your offspring needs helps have any room look better! It will also show them organization and will reward them instantly every time they find what they are looking for in a snap!

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