October 7, 2013

Four Ways to Stay on Top of Your School Studies

Setting up a study space that works is important. Invest in a loft bed, bunk beds and other bedroom furniture to allow for a permanent set-up of your study center.

With school in full swing now, students and their families are settling in to their new routines. School is a huge part of every student’s life, and their families’ as well. Having some good study habits, being informed and being prepared can go a long way to make learning a good experience. Even tough to tackle subjects can be mastered with a little preparation and extra time. Finding the perfect space in your home to make homework and studying a positive and productive practice is key.

Bedroom furniture can be replaced or upgraded to allow for the addition of a study space. Loft beds and other types of bedroom furniture can give you extra storage and free up some room for a desk, bookshelves, computers and other necessities. Some of our loft beds come with built-in study space to give your room the most efficient design.

Set up a Designated Study Space

Each student is unique and faces different challenges when learning. Some people will need total silence and no interruptions, while others will benefit from some background noise and taking breaks and moving around. Setting up a study space that works is important. Invest in a loft bed, bunk beds and other bedroom furniture to allow for a permanent set-up of your study center.

Individual Learning Styles

This point is huge. Everyone learns differently. Knowing how you learn is the first step in creating a routine that will bring you success in your studies. If you need quiet, then arrange your study zone somewhere private and separate from the bustle of the house. Buy proper furniture and materials to keep your space tidy and organized. Know when to push yourself and when to take a break.

Keep it Together!

It’s always exciting to get new furniture and re-arrange your room...but the second part of this is keeping it together! Make a point of using your study zone for your studies only. It can quickly become a total disaster when you start doing art and craft projects, piling up your laundry, or taking supplies elsewhere. Get in the habit of studying and then tidying up any materials you’ve used right away.

Great Sleep Habits

Sleep directly affects your ability to learn and study. If you’re not getting enough sleep, or sleep of good quality, you’re going to have a hard time in class. When you get home from school, you’ll probably feel more like crashing than studying; so set yourself up with a good sleep routine. Even if it means having a little less fun once in a while!

Eat Your Wheaties!

Eating breakfast is one of the biggest contributors to success in the classroom. Going to class on an empty stomach is like driving to town without gas—you’re not going to get very far! Brain performance requires energy, and you only get energy from your diet. Make sure you’re not cramming in empty calories and sugary junk; eat healthy, whole foods that will last.


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