September 24, 2013

Decorating Secrets from the Pros

Whether you’re redoing an entire room or house; or just touching up the accents in you space, take a look at these tips.

We can all use a little inside information from time to time. Get the jump on your decorating project this fall with some quick tips from the designers. Whether you’re redoing an entire room or house; or just touching up the accents in you space, take a look at these tips.

Darken up your rooms

Definitely not for the faint hearted. Going super dark in your rooms can add some serious atmosphere though. And if you have good lighting, it can actually make small spaces feel larger—when paired up with the right accessories and bedroom furniture. Choosing dark tones on your walls and furniture will add a rich and textured feel.

Supersize your bed

Upgrade your bed to the next larger size. It not only is luxurious, it looks great! If you have tiny rooms, go vertical and add a loft bed or bunk beds. If you have an oversize room, definitely go for a bigger bed! It will offset the scale of you room and look and feel luxurious.

bedroom furnitures with pillows

Pillow time

Add lots of cushion with beautiful pillows. Pair your pillows up with a partner and have at least two sets of pillows. One set is never enough, and looks skimpy. Plus, pillows are a great way to soften the lines of your furniture and other room elements. Consider choosing pillows to accent or inspire your entire colour scheme.

White rooms

White will never make you tired, overwhelmed or drained when used the right way. Unless you absolutely can’t stand white! An entirely white decor scheme may be a bit boring for some who love color, but consider adding white to the mix on your walls, furniture or other accessories. Consider adding a feature piece to add texture and depth, such as a wall or special furniture piece.

Mix n match styles

Throw the rule book out the window and go ahead and mix and match. Choose your favorite elements from different styles and pair them up for a totally eclectic and original feel. Make sure that you use neutral or simple pieces as well to bring two styles together in harmony. Avoid the clash by sticking to neutral colours on any major pieces. Accentuate simple styles with a dash of funky color on items like bedding or accessories.

Wallpaper, stick on wall tiles, and wall features

The quickest way to add a feature or just up the pizzazz factor in any room is by using decorative wall tiles, wallpapers or paint techniques; or a combination of these techniques. And lastly, here are a few more decorator tricks to make your room look amazing:

  • Large collections on display
  • Rugs and throws
  • Ditch the sofa
  • Layer your lighting

If you’re looking for some great new bedroom furniture, check out our collections and find a dealer near you! We offer many different styles and finishes to fit any taste.

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