May 28, 2013

The 5 All-Time Classic Bedroom Designs

Are you looking to give your bedroom a makeover? Tired of looking at your old bedroom design scheme?

Are you looking to give your bedroom a makeover? Tired of looking at your old bedroom design scheme? Looking to make a small change in your house, without spending too much money? People redesign their bedrooms more often than the rest of their house because it is the least expensive, the most fun, and it takes the least amount of money to do so!

A person can design their bedroom in many different ways. There are also many different designs to choose from. A bedroom may be a private place for you to sleep at night time and to relax during the day, but you also want it to look nice. Bedrooms are not just rooms that have beds or bunk beds; they also sport other bedroom furniture. A bedroom can have really complex design or it can be really simple.

Every year, there are new bedroom designs. Styles come and go, but there are also bedroom designs that are timeless, and never go out of style. If you’re looking for re-sale value in a home, go for the latter. If you want something that packs personal punch, choose something trendier.

Classic Style

Classic is often translated as traditional. The classic bedroom style is more of an old-world feel. Most classic bedrooms feature soft, calming, neutral hues, heritage style furniture and accessories. Symmetry in a classic room is important, and don’t be afraid to add some “pop” with deep jewel tones. A classic bedroom looks great with a sleigh bed and for a classic children's bedroom, go for bunk beds and matching drawers as bedroom furniture.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary bedroom designs are considered to be one of the most modern bedroom designs. People who like an artsy flair will like contemporary as much as those wanting to make a statement. Trendy designs usually fall under this style category, so if you’re interested in the latest and greatest, go for this! Loft beds are a great choice for a contemporary room.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism is all about the bare essentials. There is no clutter and it is always organized. Although this bedroom is simple it has to be innovative! Sleek lines, sensible and functional, minimalist rooms offer clean cut style in an organized way.

Baroque Style

Think the opposite of minimalist! Baroque can edge on gaudy, and with its ornate and full nature, a baroque style bedroom will have ornate carved wood, lush beds and furniture, patterned fabrics and lots and lots of accessories! It is a bedroom design for people who want to give off a royal or opulent feel. Large pieces of furniture paired with flashy fabrics, candles, ornate fixtures and decadent rugs all fit in baroque.

“Au Natural “

A natural style is simply natural! Think woods, cottons and natural fabrics, colors that give an airy, earthy, or light-infused feeling. Rich tones are great as well, but go for rich-earthy colors like terra cotta. Wood furniture is the choice here, and loft bed and bunk beds are a great pick for a natural kid’s bedroom. Depending on your color choice for the room, choose dark or light furniture to coordinate with your decor.

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