April 23, 2013

Funky Furniture Recycling Ideas

Are you tired of your old furniture and want something new?

Are you tired of your old furniture and want something new? Are you moving and don’t know what to do with your old furniture? Are you looking to replace your kid’s furniture? Well we’re here to help! Remember when you bought that old dresser? It was beautiful at the time, but now that you look at it... well it’s seen better days! You can turn that dresser into a new and improved creation. Think outside the box here. We’re not talking about reusing your furniture in the conventional way. Chances are you have some pieces that are beyond the salvaging stage. What about turning them into something new? 

There are hundreds of possibilities. You can make an old statue or trophy into a lamp. Old doors can become message boards. Surf boards can become a bench. You can make birdhouses, flowerbeds, swings, and more out of old twin beds and broken chairs. If you need new kid’s furniture you can take their old bunk beds out and turn them into to shelving for your garage or storage unit. You can even make doll houses or other items for you children’s toys out of used furniture...and I can promise you they will love it! The possibilities are endless! Think about things you need, or ways to improve things you already have.

If you have a barn, garden, shop, or flower beds; consider re-using furniture in those areas. Often barns and shops can always use more storage. Organize these places by tucking away tools and supplies into drawers, or consider building shelves from your old furniture. Flower beds and gardens can quickly be made from bed frames and dresser drawers. What about planter boxes from old drawers on your porch? You might be surprised at how beautiful some of these creations can be.

In today’s earth conscious society, we understand the importance of recycling. Not only will you be enjoying your new furniture; you will be able to feel good about being true recycler by recycling your old stuff! Recycling is important for the world and makes trash decomposition areas less polluted. Your decision to re-use old furniture is creative, unique, and all around good for the world. Looking at your home the next day with a smile on your face, or watching your friends come over and marvel at you ingenious creations is priceless. 

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