March 25, 2013

Build Character and Charm with a Loft Bed

Once your kids reach a certain age, they are going to outgrow the toddler bed and demand a bigger bed of their own.

Once your kids reach a certain age, they are going to outgrow the toddler bed and demand a bigger bed of their own. And you are going to want to choose a quality bed that is economical and that fits the room in both size and comfort. One of the options you may want to consider is a low loft bed. If you have a small room, making the best use of space is going to be an important factor when it comes to deciding which bed you invest in. Shopping for kid’s furniture should always include the styles you’re your child likes. Remember, they are going to live with that furniture for years to come. A bunk bed is something most children want, and parents can take full advantage of the features they offer. 

Many times when shopping for furniture, we base are choice on the function in which we want it to serve. Sometimes we can end up with much more than we bargained for, and we wind up stuck with a piece of furniture we really do not care for. If we shop smart, and do our research, a good choice can be made. And let's face it - your child does need a bed. By choosing a multi-functional bunk bed, not only can it be a fun choice for your child, but it can work to your advantage as well.

When looking at loft beds, know that they come with a variety of slides, storage and tents. Your child will not only have a comfortable and sturdy bed to sleep on, but the bed can become a place of play during the daytime hours. This means a tented area that is fun to play and hide away toys. What child won't think a bed tent is totally cool? Plus, your child's bedroom can stay tidy and clean without you having the stress about having to continually clean it. Some prefer a loft bed that has a tent area beneath the bed, which leaves space for both storage and play. A loft bed equipped with drawers underneath the bed is a great idea for storing clothes and extra linens.

At Bolton Furniture, we offer a variety of loft configurations designed to bring years of enjoyment to your child. Carefully constructed from select fine-grained hardwoods like maple and cherry, our quality beds will bring lasting value to your home. Visit our website to learn more about our distinctive beds. 

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