February 25, 2013

Tips on Keeping Your Rooms Clean... Despite the Kids

Every parent knows how much clutter is created by kids and the effort it takes to clean and organize all that mess.

Every parent knows how much clutter is created by kids and the effort it takes to clean and organize all that mess. Here are some useful tips that can help you keep your room clean…in spite of the presence of your kids:


  • Recognize important possessions. Identify which toys are played with or are really important to them. Get rid of the rest!

  • Go on a massive purge spree. It is always advisable to do so when the kids are not in the room. Check each drawer and box and take out the toys and other stuff that is no longer needed or played with. You can donate all this stuff to charity. If you want to include your kids in this part, it is a great way to instill generosity and an appreciation for those who are less fortunate. This can be hard for some kids and if that’s the case, ask them to select one toy from the whole lot to donate. Bag up the rest and deal with it later. 


  • Leave some space. When putting things back on shelves, drawers or in the closet area, don’t fill to the brim! Leave space for any new or extra items that show up later.


  • Allot a bin for each of your kids. Ask them to throw everything that is not needed in them. You can also put their names on them to avoid confusion and fights. This will definitely help in making your room much tidier than before.


  • You can invest in a B-Cubed. These create more free space in your house. The primary benefit of these storage wall solutions is that they provide room for multiple activities. They can be used for studying, storing, sleeping and also for entertainment.


  • Teach your kids how to clean up their rooms and keep the house tidy. If such habits are fostered from an age as early as two years, kids will learn the importance of cleanliness and it can easily become a natural part of daily life. Remember though that all kids are different, so modify and adjust your approach for your child.


  • Think twice before buying things for your kids. Instead of buying countless junky toys and plastic items (dare I mention dollar-stores?) go for quality objects that will last. Along with being enjoyed by your kids, having less stuff around automatically keeps your living spaces tidier!

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