November 26, 2012

Caring for your wooden furniture, Pt. 2

Earlier this year, we lent some insight into the basics of caring for quality wooden furniture.

Earlier this year, we lent some insight into the basics of caring for quality wooden furniture. While wooden furniture is timeless, it takes a level of know-how to extend its lifetime. You can add many years to the life of a piece of furniture, or maintain its resale value with careful maintenance.

Here are some more tips for making your wooden furniture look and feel forever young:

Avoid food and drink: In the bedroom keep drinks including ice water, sodas and any drink in a glass that may sweat off the furniture. And it’s also reccomended to keep hot drinks such as cocoa or tea off the furniture, too. Being vigilant about using coasters may remind you of finicky grandmas, but the combination of heat and moisture can severely stain the finish!

Keep it movin’: If you have computers, lamps, vases, toys or any accessories sitting directly on your wood furniture, make sure to rearrange them regularly. The fine lacquer finish on your wood furniture needs to "breathe" and have exposure to natural light to keep its healthy glow. You may even want to use felt disks to separate clocks, picture frames and phones from top surfaces.

Beware of plastics and rubber: Chemicals in these materials can wreak havoc on natural wood, causing indentations, softening and discoloration.

At the end of the day, accidents can and will happen, despite taking careful measures to protect furniture. Remember: Our furniture is meant to be used, not just to look at. (That’s why we made low-loft beds that double as castles and playgrounds!) What’s more, nicks and stains can add character to a cabinet, bed or chair; they tell the stories of the people that have loved and used them.

Bolton Children’s Furniture is made and designed for children. We want your kids to play and sleep well in our products. Care for your furniture, but care for you and your family first!

For lots of other ideas on how to keep your wooden goods pristine, see Furniture Care

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