October 26, 2012

Behind the Bolton Furniture collection: Mission

Each Bolton Furniture collection is built with a story in mind.

Each Bolton Furniture collection is built with a story in mind. Along with delivering function and fun for your children, we also believe in style—quality pieces that look beautiful in your home. The Mission collection is no exception. It is inspired by furniture originating in the late 19th century.

Mission furniture first came into vogue in New York. Joseph P. McHugh was a furniture retailer and manufacturer who was inspired by a chair in California for a local church. McHugh saw appeal in the timeless simplicity characterized by clean lines, first-class craftsmanship. And though it’s design is clean, this traditional style still has a wonderful warmth.

McHugh copied the San Francisco style, which references the state’s adobe-walled Spanish missions, furnished with wood furniture with straight angles. His east coast customers responded enthusiastically. It was just at the time that the American Arts and Crafts movement was booming, and its influence was felt in architecture, painting and sculpture. The style has been popular ever since.

Today, the Mission style is seeing a resurgence because of its understated beauty: it is utilitarian and organic, rather than showy and ornate. And when environmental issues are as important as ever, Mission furniture shows a close relationship with the earth.

All our Signature Beds, including the Mission collection styles, are available in Twin, Full, Twin/Twin Bunks and Full/Full Bunks. Mission beds are also available as Twin / Full Bunks, and in our unique SSS Loft, Study Loft and Cafe Loft configurations.

If there ever was a Bolton collection that embodies our aim that you’ll buy these pieces today and use them forever, this is it! With this timeless collection, you can furnish a room that will never go out of style.



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