October 12, 2012

Decorating baby’s bedroom: Tips for nursery decor

If you’re expecting, you’ll have a thousand things on your mind. It’s an exciting and busy time.

If you’re expecting, you’ll have a thousand things on your mind. It’s an exciting and busy time. One of the things most parents most look forward to is making a home for the newest addition to their family. A well-organized space saves time and energy; at the same time, a nursery is a room where the decorator’s imagination can really play.

Start by drawing a floor plan, noting where there are heating registers, outlets, and windows, which could harm baby. Mark out spaces for sleeping, changing, playing and feeding.

Begin with the placement of the crib. The center of the room is ideal for many reasons: it gives easy access from all sizes of the bed, plus, you’ll keep your baby away from windows and window dressings. Keep the bed away from other furniture that can be used as leverage in several months when he or she will want to get out of bed without your help.

Put a rug around the bed to make a soft surface for play. Nearby, you can include storage for books and toys.

At the end of the day, the room is about you, the parents. Make sure that burp cloths, bottles, rattles and clothes are close at hand so you can easily grab the essentials. And find room for a rocker or easy chair for nursing and cuddling with your little one. You’ll buy one today and use it forever: a rocking chair can easily be used in another room and updated with a coat of paint, upholstery, or a slipcover. Fill the nursery with simple and versatile quality furnishings from the Essex or Wakefield collections so you can care for your baby as he or she grows. The white and honey finishes add warmth and softness to a room.

Finally, you can add fun and personality with accessories such as bedding, mobiles and pillows, and you’re ready to say Welcome home.



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