June 21, 2012

Caring for your wooden furniture

In Vermont, we pride ourselves on our woodworking. And here at Bolton, we carry on the state’s tradition through our fine imported collections of kids furniture. 

Our wooden pieces offer quality and durability, and like other wooden furnishings, they add elegance and beauty in a home. The Essex collection, especially, contains some classic pieces that will transition nicely from childhood to adolescence.

Now, how do you care for these décor staples to ensure that they last for generations? Here is your guide to caring for Bolton furniture:

Avoid sunlight and heat: Though dry to the touch, wood naturally contains moisture. To keep your furniture in goodcondition, it’s important to avoid shrinkage or fading by keeping your fine wooden furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents or radiators.

Dust often. Dust can accumulate and build up as an oily film on your furniture, potentially causing scratches. You’ll want to use clean, dry clothes or dusters to remove dust. Make cloths a little damp so that dust doesn’t fly into the air and back onto your furniture. Always follow the grain of the wood when you’re cleaning.

Shine with shoe polish. For quick and easy touch ups, using shoe polish to hide scratches and chips. You can also use a matching-color marker or furniture touch-up pencil, available in most hardware stores, to cover any blemishes.

In case of accident, act quickly. If food is spilled on wood, wipe up the spill immediately and polish the affected area. Colorful or oily food can leave a stain. For paint, nail polish or alcohol, you may want to contact a furniture repair specialist to help you get rid of the culprit.

For lots of other handy tips and more details on how to keep your wooden goods pristine, see Furniture Care

or visit http://www.furniturecaretips.com/solid-wood-furniture-care.htm

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