April 19, 2012

When should your kids move out of mom and dad’s bed?

It’s midnight and there’s a knock at the door.

It’s midnight and there’s a knock at the door. You’ve put Katie to bed hours ago, but she’s up again and wants to get into bed. 

If you’re the parent of a young child, this scene might be all too familiar. Early on, co-sleeping is common, especially for parents who like the convenience of baby in bed, and there’s also the closeness of sleeping together. But when is it time for your kids stay in their own beds at night? 

Like anything in parenting, this is an individual decision. Experts haven’t come to an agreement on the possible benefit or complications of bed-sharing yet. In the meantime, be aware of whether you’re building a relationship with reasonable boundaries with your children, and whether they’re developing a sense of independence. Up to three years, kids’ minds will develop normally even if they share the bed with Mom and Dad. On the other hand, the time can feel right for you when you simply want to have alone time at night. 

When you’re ready for your child to starting spending all night in their own bed, make a gradual transition, making sure to address any related anxieties. Sometimes a discussion about possible monsters under the bed needs to happen! Make sure his or her room is dark and quiet, and make sure to make the transition one with positive language and maybe even rewards. Be consistent and don’t cave in—a few tiring nights of walking your two-year-old back to bed will pay off in the end! 

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