April 5, 2012

Bolton’s guide to spring cleaning

Now the snow has finally melted, the yard is looking a little tired...

Now the snow has finally melted, the yard is looking a little tired, and after months of boots tracking in slush and dirt, the foyer at the front door is looking really grimy. Mother Nature is telling you it’s time for spring cleaning.

Slap on those rubber gloves—though it takes a little elbow grease, investing the time to make your home shine will better life at home during the summer months. Try these manageable and satisfying spring-cleaning projects:


Start with a blank slate: Take out the trash and clean out other garbage before you start dusting. Get rid of larger items, such as old televisions and computers, first, so you can tackle cleaning the items that will actually stay. Hold a garage sale or donate the items still in good condition.


Get your move on: Don’t let the dust bunnies make their home permanent—when you’re vacuuming, move the fridge and shift the sofa. Attack the cobwebs, so you live in a dust-free, allergy-free home.


Kids corner: The words “fun” and “cleaning” don’t usually go together, but with a little imagination, cleaning can be an adventure, a race or a game. Use squirt guns, not spray bottles, for example.


Repair with care: Return your furniture to its former glory. Sand down any nicks or scratches, being cautious with the paint. With any loose joints, apply glue carefully and clamp them. For more information, see Bolton’s guide to Furniture Care.


Bolton Furniture began as a manufacturer in the woodworking business more than a hundred years ago. Over decades, we have perfected our woodworking skills to create quality kids furniture and youth bedroom furniture, including storage and bunk beds. Our products are made with expertise and attention to detail that you’ll notice during your annual spring cleaning—and year-round.




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