February 24, 2012

The art of choosing the right furniture

When remodeling the kitchen, most of us give a lot of thought to the materials, the arrangement of cabinets and counters...

When remodeling the kitchen, most of us give a lot of thought to the materials, the arrangement of cabinets and counters, and the look and feel for the room. Because builders are involved, we often give the kitchen the most love out of any room in the house. When it comes to the living and family rooms, however, sometimes not as much care is put in—but we spend just as much time in them, either enjoying conversation and company, or a great movie. That’s why it’s important to find the right furniture for the living areas, too. 

Here are some tips for building fun and functional family and living rooms: 

Use smart storage:

A living room should look nice, but it also needs to be lived in. Integrate furniture with storage, and you can hide toys, magazines, remotes and anything else, when you’re entertaining. Choose ottomans with built-in compartments, entertainment units with drawers and cupboards, and coffee tables with integrated shelves for magazines and books.

Hide wires and accessories:

Stylishly hide unsightly cables and plugs with an entertainment unit that leaves room for electronic components to be tucked away. Bring measurements to the furniture store and take pictures of your TV and DVD player, front and back, to make sure the solution you choose actually suits your needs.

Make space count:

Bolton Furniture offers affordable custom-built solutions which integrate study, entertainment and storage options—need room for a flat-screen TV, desk, and DVD storage? You got it. The B-Cubed collection offers countless variations to create a living-area center that suits you and your family’s lifestyle and style.


Add personality to your living area with photos, books, movies, and souvenirs. A wall bridge or similar piece of furniture is like an art gallery for you to highlight things you’ve collected—it’s a showcase for vacation mementos, family memories, and favorite reads. 



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