January 9, 2012

Tips to help get your toddler to sleep

Having problems putting your toddler to sleep at night? well don’t worry, you’re not alone. As infants become toddlers, putting them to sleep becomes more and more difficult—whether it’s a nap or bedtime. 

After all, what self-respecting toddler is going to go down without a fight when there’s so much to discover and so much going on around them?

But there are strategies you can implement to try and stack the deck a little more in your favor at nap or bedtime. For example:

  • tire your toddler out in the day with activity, and sleep will probably come more quickly
  • check your child regularly for sleepy cues such as yawning or eye rubbing
  • stick to a routine at nap or bedtime, so your toddler understands what is happening
  • take your time—don’t rush bedtime, because your child will sense it
  • be consistent and be firm—your toddler will own you if you’re not

And probably the best tip of all is to have a beautiful bedroom that any toddler will enjoy spending time in.

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