August 19, 2015

How to Choose the Best Children’s Furniture Amongst so Many Options

When it comes to choosing youth bedroom furniture, countless choices are available at several price and quality point.

Twin beds are a popular choice for kids since they are budget friendly and save space, especially when two children share the same bedroom. But what if lack of space requires you to become creative with the choice of your kids’ bedroom furniture- which furniture will you choose?

Making the Best Choice

With all of the options available on the market today, you need to be well informed to make a wise decision. With that in mind, opt to choose the best quality youth bedroom furniture at the price you can afford. Why so?

The first reason is that, in most cases, well-built wood bedroom furniture with quality hardware will be more durable than furniture made from laminated wood. It is more expensive, although it looks better, longer. It will also prove to be more resistant to all the wear-and-tear a kid can throw at it, and if well chosen, will grow with your child.

Well-built pieces are also safer for little hands. You wouldn’t want your little one to pinch a finger in a drawer that doesn’t slide shut properly or bruise or scrape something on a badly finished edge.

Bunk Beds

Obviously, bunk beds are the ultimate space-saver. When two children share a bedroom, they will spare precious square footage, leaving more room to play. However, the top bunk won’t be convenient for children under the age of 6, due to their lack of balance and under-developed motor skills. Although all our bunk beds are equipped with a ladder and safety rail kit, they aren’t the recommended option for toddlers.

Loft or Storage beds

The same age recommendation applies on our loft and storage beds. Loft and storage beds come in various configurations to accommodate your children’s needs. They are ideal for smaller spaces, offering added storage within the bed’s base and a desk for homework, thus a eliminating the need for a separate chest of drawers or computer desk. Bed tents, slides and other accessories are also available for our loft beds, should you want to join fun with function!

At Bolton Furniture we offer plenty of options when it comes time to choose the right furniture for your little ones. Use the dealer locator option on our website to find the vendor near you or visit our website for added details and to view our entire collections!

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