August 5, 2015

Designing a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

With careful planning, you can create a bedroom that evolves right along with them.

Children’s interests change and flourish as they grow, but that doesn’t mean you need to completely redesign their bedroom as they get older. With careful planning, you can create a bedroom that evolves right along with them.

Your child’s bedroom can express who they are, year after year, without needing a major makeover nor the time and money that goes along with it.Make the most of your kids’ furniture and décor so it can prove useful and appropriate at all age levels by using these simple pointers

Furniture with a Classic Look

Choose furniture with an eye to longevity, by choosing timeless looking pieces that are well constructed.

Timeless furniture has a design that is appropriate for any age. A bed with cut-outs of a trendy cartoon character will be out of date quickly. On the other hand, four-post beds or classic bunk beds are versatile and always in style.

Choose youth bedroom furniture that grows with your youngster. You don’t need to buy a pint-size bureau. Instead get a full size one. They can reach the lower drawers at an early age, which is all that is necessary. As they grow taller, they can reach the other drawers.

Look at how skillfully the furniture is constructed. Well-made pieces cost more, but they last for years. Ask a trained salesperson at a store like Bolton Furniture to point out features that ensure durability.

Choose Versatility

Select furnishings that have more than one use. For example; storage beds let you make use of otherwise wasted space beneath the frame. These are perfect, even for very small children, to use to store toys and clothing.

If space is at a minimum, choose loft beds or bunk beds with stairs. These let you make the most of a tiny bedroom. As your child gets older, you can put the stairs in storage.

If you’re really a forward thinker, furnish your infant’s room with a desk that can be doubled as a changing table with a detachable mat.As your infant grows into a youngster, they can use the desk to do homework.

Go Neutral

Keep large areas neutral so the accent pieces stand out. Then let your child use accents to add color, pizzazz and self-expression at a budget price.

Carpets and other floor coverings are best in warm, dark color that don’t show the wear or the dirt.. Finishes for bureaus, beds, desks and chairs are also best in classic colors, allowing them to be mixed and matched with any decor

Rock out with Accessories

Accent pillows, throws, rugs, picture frames and casual storage are the perfect way for a child or teen to express their personality and current interests, without breaking the bank

Letting your child choose a new bedspread to reflect his current interests is an excellent way to allow their personality to shine through, for example They are made in a wide range of colors, designs, styles and prices shocking pink pillows go well with off-white walls. A neon green throw rug snaps out on brown carpet or hardwood flooring. Bright red plastic storage tubs give color and interest to a teen’s room.

Choosing classic and versatile pieces to furnish your child’s room while including fun and colorful accessories, is the perfect way to make your little one enjoy their personal space, at any age.

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