May 27, 2015

Bedroom Sharing Tips for Kids

A shared bedroom should take into consideration numerous aspects such as décor, space, privacy, and convenience, among other things.

Upholding Comfortable and Peaceful Co-existence Between Your Kids

Bedroom sharing between two siblings can be a great idea full of fun and companionship or a recipe for disaster – it all depends on how you arrange and design the shared bedroom. A shared bedroom should take into consideration numerous aspects such as décor, space, privacy, and convenience, among other things.

Here are some shared bedroom ideas for kids to help you come up with the ideal bedroom for the peaceful co-existence of your little ones.

Saving space

The presence of two kids in a bedroom means two of everything – two beds, two sets of clothing, two sets of toys and personal belongings, and twice as much space for playing. This makes it necessary to save on space; here are some space saving tips:

• Using bunk beds

Bunk beds with stairs are not only fun, but they also help save a lot of space – as much space as a second bed would have utilized. A bunk bed can also offer some valuable life lessons to your kids, as each kid acknowledges and accepts either the top or the bottom bunk or both of them consent to sharing.

Bunk beds are especially ideal where there is not much room to spare and where the vertical space of the room is sufficient.

• Rolling beds

Rolling beds, unlike bunking beds, are not stacked as high. Instead, the bottom bead is almost level with the ground and features four wheels, which allow it to slide under the other conventional bed. This helps to save space and make the room look decent and spacious when the kids are not sleeping – all you need to is to roll the bottom bed under the conventional one.

• Storage beds

You can also use beds with secondary storage features where each of your loved ones can store their clothing and other personal belongings, eliminating the need for a wardrobe and effectively saving space.

Upholding Privacy

A shared bedroom may not be as much fun as your kids grow up, and each one seeks his/her privacy. While extra space may not be available, good design may come in handy.

• Pocket doors

A pocket door doubles up as a physical barrier between the kids, separating them physically and giving each one the privacy he/she needs. These doors are quite heavy and capable of keeping out noise – they are also easy to install, uninstall, and use since they are sliding doors.

As such, instead of incorporating a brick or wooden wall and messing up the room’s outlay, consider installing sliding pocket doors for neatness as well as to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Décor and Appearance

• Adding color and design to the walls and floor

Color adds cheer to a room, making playing all the more fun for your kids. As such, make sure you add color to the walls and floors by painting the walls and laying colored and comfortable mats on the floor – color diversity especially comes in handy for teenage girls.

You can also go with drawings on the wall depicting your kids’ favorite characters and add personality and cheer to the room.

However, be sure to consider your kids’ gender or favorite colors to ensure you satisfy them both – this does not have to be a problem where the kids are still young.

Tip: If you have a boy and a girl sharing the same bedroom, stick to neutral colors such as ash wood to avoid making the room uncomfortable for either of them.

Purchasing the Ideal Kids Furniture

The appearance and space-saving value of a shared bedroom significantly depend on the quality of the furniture used.

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